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Anger Management
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Anger Management.

Anger is a very powerful emotion born of any number of previous events in our lives, some of which could even have happened decades ago. When this anger manifests itself, it is almost certainly not directed at the people or events that caused the anger to arise in the first place.

This means that we often take our anger out on the 'wrong people', which is where you must use anger management or self-control to make sure that you really know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Anger managent can be as simple as counting to ten, when you feel that you are about to fly off the handle.

It is often said that we hurt the ones we love and this is the rub of anger. If the events that caused our anger took place hours, days, weeks or even decades ago, why are we hurting the people we live and work with? Because it's easier? Because they love us and will not fight back? Because they will 'forgive us'?

These can not be the actions of an honourable person, so what can we do about it? The answer is to practise self-control or more specifically, 'anger management'. You can learn to control your anger with anger management coaching. There are classes available; doctors can help; there are resources on the Internet and I hope that this web site will help you too.

When we are really angry - in a blind rage - we have lost self-control, quite literally and so can not be in control of ourselves. Anything can happen and it does too in many cases. People say things they do not mean; commit crimes, even murder and ruin their lives and those of people around them - every day just because they got angry and lost self-control.

If you have an anger management problem, or a friend, colleague or family member has a problem with anger and anger management, learn about it here and use the Internet to find the aspect that concerns you the most. Then either get professional help or encourage your friend to do the same.

Anger and frustration are not lost causes, you can learn to control these often violent emotions, do not end up in front of a court because of them.

We all get angry, especially as the world becomes a busier, more stressful and more frustrating place to live in, the only difference between people is how much an individual can control his or her anger. This is anger management or emotional self-control.

Learn anger management, if it's a problem or one day soon you will regret it BIG time - that is for certain!

Take care,

by +Owen Jones
Anger Management.